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Font colors in Terminal emulator Green Screens

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Font colors in Terminal emulator Green Screens

We are automating the Web Based Termainal Emulator in IE,Edge  and Chrome browsers using test complete.

As it is a product based build testing would like to test the new Features such as color Mapping, Key mapping etc.

We are not able to verify the colors that have mapped to the text in the Terminal Emulator green screens. Kindly help us to resolve this issue in Testcomplete.

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We are building a product which is a web based terminal emulator( series and iseries) using HTML5 canvas modeling. We want to test new features that are releasing such as colour mapping ,key mapping from settings panel and verifying the same in the green screens. And macro running, copy pasting the sessions etc. We would like to automate the above features.
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using HTML5 canvas

Unless Support provides you with a solution/workaround (which I would really appreciate if you share here), it is my opinion that end-to-end functional automation is barely possible for canvas. The only thing that you can try is to talk to Development and discuss what functions/data structures on the page can be called/examined to check this or that functionality. I.e. you might be able to reliably automate integration/grey-box tests, but not GUI-oriented functional tests from the end-user point of view.


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Thank you Community for help!


@anitak I was able to locate your support ticket. Could you let us know the Solution suggested by the Support team? Thank you!

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