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Finding object by using dynamic xpath, using Partial Content text

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Finding object by using dynamic xpath, using Partial Content text

Hi all,


I have following dynamic xpath's


I am trying to find the object by


var obj = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*").FindChildByXPath(".//*[@id=150952'" + * + "'-grid-container']/div[2]/div]");


showing as syntax error. Can you please help me to find the error

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this is website I am trying to get the grid values from

FindChildByXPath(".//*[@id=150952'" + * + "'-grid-container']/div[2]/div]")


You have three single quotes in there, one on each side of  + * + and one after -grid-container.  Do you need to match the one after -grid-container or take it out?


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Hi Marsha,


.//*[@id='15095 "27131388" -grid-container']/div[2]/div
.//*[@id='15095 "28020936" -grid-container']/div[2]/div
.//*[@id='15095 "28970483" -grid-container']/div[2]/div
.//*[@id='15095 "28970483"-grid-container']/div[2]/div


The one in quatations is keeping changing , I want everything else into I want find the object containing


.//*[@id='15095 "*******"-grid-container']/div[2]/div.


Please verify

I am trying to get the Values from the upper grid present in the page.



See attached.  I have marked the matching pairs of quotes in blue and the mismatched one in red.   


You need another single quote to match the one marked in red.  I believe it needs to go here




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Thanks Marsha. Still have the same issue 

  var obj = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*").FindChildByXPath(".//*[@id='150952'" + * + "'-grid-container']/div[2]/div]");



XPath won't recognize "*" as a wildcard.


You should use another approach. E.g. using the contains() function:


.//div[contains(@id, "150952") and contains(@id, "grid-container")]



As a side note:

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I am trying to




Angualr UI grid

I am trying to get the values of the upper grid. I need to capture those values from the table and verify them with the values in Excel sheet in Test complete.


I used all the three types of finding the object,none of them worked.  Please verify following script and let me know where I am going wrong.

Thank you for co operation in advance



function VerifyGridValue(textValue)




var obj = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*").FindChildByXPath(".//*[@id='150952'" + * + "'-grid-container']/div[2]/div]");

//Sys.Browser("*").Page("*").FindChildByXPath("//*[@class='" + ui-grid-canvas + "']")

//var obj = Sys.Browser("*").Page("*").FindChildByXPath(".//*div[contains(@id, "150952") and contains(@id, "grid-container")]/div[2]/div]");


 var val=obj.wValue(0,1);


switch (true)


    case IsSupported(obj, val) == true && textValue :

          Log.Checkpoint("Value match as expected");



          Log.Error("Text values do not match!");





Please precise your locator more carefully:



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