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FindAll returns blank in log - help!


FindAll returns blank in log - help!

Hi All - 

Trying to get back some data when doing the "FindAll" method.  "Find" seems to work fine and prints to the log fine.  Whenever I run FindAll, it does not give me any error - but the log is literally empty.  Can someone point out what I'm doing wrong here?  


This works:

function Find() {
Results ="contentText", "administrative", 1, 1000);


This does not work: 

function Find() {
Results ="contentText", "*", 1, 1000);


Any ideas? Many thanks



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Not a problem, @a_g_reed .  Newbies who seek to learn are better than ones who assume they know everything already. 😉


Anyways... this is a basic coding task, looping through an array.  While this is test automation, you are, effectively, writing code so it is a good idea to find a coding tutorial somewhere as well.  For JavaScript, I'd recommend


That said... two things... you say "print the object"... that's not exactly what you're seeking to do.  An object has properties like "Caption" or "wText" or "ContentText" or something like that.  So, you first need to know what you're looking to print.  From there, it's a for loop like what is posted above.  Keep in mind that if the property is blank (like "MappedName" for the OP), then you'll print blank.



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Thank you so much,@tristaanogre  - that definitely clears some things up for me. So, in other words, I can use a method such as FindAllChildren configured to return a property such as FullClassName? I guess I'm still a bit confused about the method's operation parameters. Would I leave the PropValues as 'not specified' in order to return all child objects with the aforementioned property?

I'm going to be spending the day reviewing some coding tutorials Robot Happy

Thanks again for your reply and advice.

- Allen

Hi Allen,


> I can use a method such as FindAllChildren configured to return a property such as FullClassName?


Refer to the Object Browser window in TestComplete. The tree on the left is a list of processes running in your system. If you expand any process, you will see a list of objects (windows, etc.) that this given process consists from and that are accessible to TestComplete.

If you select any object in the tree (click on it), than the right pane will provide you with the list of properties and their values, as well as with the list of the methods (on the respective tab) that the selected object consisits from.

.FindAllChildren method of TestComplete always returns an array of child objects selected according to the specified criteria (property names and values). And then, you may iterate through the returned array and for each its element (that will be an object from your tested application) you may access its properties and their values.


The same, but in slightly different wording: You cannot search for property in TestComplete. Property is an attribute of an object. You can search for object(s) and specify property name and value as a filter condition.

Once the object is found, you may acces (get/set) values of its properties and/or call its methods.


For example:

This line of code

var resultsArray = paymentWindow.FindAllChildren(["WndClass", "Visible"],["button", true], 5);

translated into human language will mean this:

"Search the tree of child objects of the paymentWindow up to 5 levels deep and look for the objects that a) have WndClass property and the value of this property is 'button'; and b) have Visible property and the value of this property equals to true and return found objects as items of the resultsArray array."


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