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Find TabControl Objects Name


Find TabControl Objects Name

I have a Big Problem with find full name of object in a TabControl.


In my case, when I add a new shop in my test program, Automatically test program create a new page in TabControl.

Please find a attachment 1.jpg


Question: How can I find a full name of ListView in a tab during run TestComplete?


Fulname like: 

... .WinFormsObject("TabPage", "Test - Shop ").WinFormsObject("ArtikelDetailsStaffelPreiseTabControl").WinFormsObject("tableLayoutPanel1").WinFormsObject("listView").WinFormsObject("tlpMain").WinFormsObject("lv")

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Enable this option in TestComplete for your object:


After that use spay to mark this object and now you can map this text into NameMapping or use find() with multiple parameters.

Many thanks for your response.


I am sorry, in fact, I am not understand how can I recognize objects a new Tab.

So, please look at pic 3.jpg. That is another example.


Question: how can get a Listview name in tab?

Okay, I get it.

Do it like this.


In this data stream (but only in it) search with .findall() all elements of "Text Object" ->


Add them to the array ->


Then remove the entries specifying column names from the array ->


and you have all the elements mapped from the data grids.

Thanks for your reply.


But I get this Error:

RuntimeError: Invalid number of parameters.

give us some code example 😉

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Thanks for the help, Wamboo.


@paarmann-ara, was the issue resolved? Please share the solution with us.



Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Good day,

unfortunatly I do not find a way.

I just wait to imporve my experiance in TC. Maybe after that I find a way.  

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Hi @paarmann-ara,

We have a great TestCompete learning course:


Perhaps, it's worth watching it. The course is oriented for Web Testing. However, it describes many basics approaches that can be used for desktop applications.

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

@TanyaYatskovska  Many thanks for your Link 😉

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