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Failure to load project file via command line

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Failure to load project file via command line

Hi, i'm trying to run the test complete via the command line and have it open my project and run the project suite.


The command i am running from within the test complete bin folder, but the project file is located on a networked drive, for example:

TestComplete.exe "\\serv\networklocation\myproject.pjs" /r


Running this command will start TestComplete (i'm running version 12.42.3048) but gives me an error:

Cannot open the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete.exe' file because is it not a valid project suite or project file.

 Can you not have a networked location for the project file for this to work or is there something wrong with my command?

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Ignore this, was running from Powershell, it apparently doesn't like it, running from Cmdprompt works.


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