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Expand a list item

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Expand a list item


I want to select a random list from a list of few items and expand it by index.

I wrote a function to get the random list and select it but have some difficulties expanding it.


// Select random action from the actions list
  ActionToSelect = Random(1, Aliases.CCM.MainFrame.ContentControl.StackPanel.Control2.ListBox.wItemCount)


How can I expand the selected list item by index (Dblclick won't work here as the expanding should be perfomed from the expander, triangle icon in this case).



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Maxvalue = Aliases.CCM.MainFrame.ContentControl.StackPanel.Control2.ListBox.wItemCount
Log.message ("Maxium Number of Value in the list: " &Maxvalue
//Prevents out of bound
RandomValue = Random(Maxvalue)
Log.message ("Random Value in the list: " &RandomValue

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Is there a keyboard shortcut for doing the expansion? Like a right arrow or enter or tab?  I think it would be a bit tricky and a lot of code to find the triangle icon you're talking about (at least, sight-unseen not knowing what the component looks like).  I would simply send a "Keys" command to the control once you've selected the item you want and try that short cut.

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