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Executing Test Complete on VM while not logged on

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Executing Test Complete on VM while not logged on

I am working off of a VM that is running 24/7.  I have all my Test Complete projects located there.  I have a batch file that I just click on and it executes all my projects one after another with just a click of the button. 


What I want to have is to set up a Windows task scheduler so the batch file can be kicked off without me even having to be logged in.  I tried to set this up in Task Scheduler, to schedule for a time I was logged off, and the tests all executed but all failed with "the operation cannot perform because the user session is non-interactive". 


Am I stuck here because these are all Desktop apps I am testing, and I need to be logged in every time?   Does anyone know a way around this? 

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Thanks for the reply Marsha, that doesn't work either though.  I changed the batch script to run TestExecute.exe commands instead of TestComplete.exe.  It works fine when logged in (and doesn't fire up Test Complete, which is less overhead, thanks for that!)  but if I schedule a task in Windows task scheduler and then log off and log back in to check the results the new error message for the tests is:  The operation cannot be performed, because the user session is disconnected

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Thanks.  That's the process I have been following and Step 5 there clearly states to select "Run only when user is logged on" which is what I was trying to avoid.


Oh well, looks like I am stuck.  Thank you though again for trying to help

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Thank you Marsha!


@JD2775 were you able to solve this issue? If the suggestions didn't help, feel free to open a case with support.

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