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Every time I map an object, an entirely new Sys hierarchy is created in NameMapping. Please help.


Every time I map an object, an entirely new Sys hierarchy is created in NameMapping. Please help.



I am trying to map some web elements, but every time a use 'Add Object...' to map an element on the web page, a new Sys tree is created for the object (ie. Sys2, Sys3, etc). I have checked and the mapping for the original Sys object is correct and I am able to move the newly mapped objects from the Sys2, Sys3 hierarchy into the original hierarchy and it will still find the object, but it is very frustrating that I have to do this for every new object that I map.


Has anyone else had this problem. I would really like to know the solution to this issue.


Thank you,





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That is rather strange.  I vaguely remember someone else having a similar problem that turned out to be a corrupted NameMapping file.  You might need to delete the existing NameMapping file from your project and create a new one.  OR...  submit this to the SmartBear support and see if they can give you a solution to repair the file.

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I did as you suggested and deleted my project's NameMapping item. Then I re-created a new NameMapping item and merged with another project's NameMapping. Now I am able to successfully map objects under my one Sys object. Thank you very much for your help.

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