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Event Handling

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Event Handling

My goal is to make test logs easier to read for non-technical users. Each action within our keyword tests have easy-to-read descriptions, explaining what's being performed. What I'm trying to do is create a method that logs the current action description to the log on OnLogEvent. Any pointers?



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Have these non-technical users asked for this?  It's been my experience that no one wants to read the logs.   Hate for you to spend time on this for nothing.

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There's no built in feature to do this.  The OnLogEvent handler also does not have access to those fields on the actions so there's no way to access it directly.


Your best bet is to write your own custom logging routine to include this information.




... logging all events fills up your log quickly.  Technically speaking, a non-technical reader of the log doesn't need every mouse click or keystroke... they just need to know "We checked this... and it passed" or "we tried this... and it failed".  As @Marsha_R suggested, I think your better bang for the buck is to modify your tests to output relevant information that a non-technical user would need and log those items only rather than every "Event" test complete generates.

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