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Error in the Property toolbox

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Error in the Property toolbox

I am  using a web application that build on java applet

there is  Jtree Object when I using the Property tool to get the wItemCount & wFocus there is an error -

Error: An error occurred.

Possible reasons:

1. The application stopped responding.

2. The application was compiled incorrectly (see the Open Applications topic in the help system).

3. An error occurred in TestComplete.

Technical information:

96 0x80020006 (Unknown name.) selectedIndex

how can I "lerned"  the child object of that Jtree and work with them.


Hi Roy,

I am guessing that you have mapped your tree control to the standard Swing JTree control by using the Object Mapping feature. The problem is that your tree control is not derived from the JTree control and, therefore, is incompatible with it.

Please let me know exactly what tree control you have. Tell me the value of its 'JavaFullClassName' property.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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