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Error adressing objects, when working on multiple monitors

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Error adressing objects, when working on multiple monitors

Hi all,


when executing my desktop tests, it sometimes suspends with error "There was an attempt to perform an action at a point, which is beyond the screen." This only happens, when working with several monitors. No matter where on the three monitors the application window is, TestComplete can highlight the objects without a problem. But it just won't find it during the test execution.

I also tried to map the object again. But this red frame, that highlights the object is always displaced, while the program window is opened on one of the connected monitors. Only on the laptops main screen the frame is placed correctly.

Now, the picture of the mapped object looks like this:
TC Button.jpg


I try to adress the button in the right bottom corner.

I don't wanna work with coordinates, but the objects name.
So how can I prevent the displacement and the error message?


Thanks in advance


Best regards


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Is there any kind of scaling happening on your external monitors? If so you will have to turn those settings off any keep your display scaling at 100%.


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