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Error: Member not found. While trying insert values in table variable


Error: Member not found. While trying insert values in table variable

i m using swing table.i m getting column nd values from table and trying to save in project variables,i m facing Error: Member not found while insert particular data column name: release column value: 3.104S  (Both type is string)


kindly help me and get your kudos




Oh man,you are genius..worked fine.get your kudos ,well done


@tristaanogre thanks for response

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@shankar_r wrote:

Just now remembered, i was also having same issue later i added additional parameter as "Item" and it worked fine. 


Try changing as like below,



I'm actually surprised that this is indicated as working.  If the column name indicated in tempCol doesn't exist, this will still not work.  Instead of "Member not found", you'll get an error about the table not including a column by the indicated name.

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@tristaanogre, my understanding is that, @karthick7 tried to change testrelease instead of release for his testing purpose. I believe column still exists in the table. 

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