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Editor intellisense and navigation does not work with declared objects

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Editor intellisense and navigation does not work with declared objects

In my (JScript) test scripts would like to use objects in this way (which runs fine in TestComplete) to e.g. for namespacing.

var MyFunnyClass = { 

    Alert: function( time, message) { 





However the editor intellisense and navigation (Ctrl-click on method) does not work with this. Is there any plans to make it work or any workarounds I could use?

BR, David

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Please add my vote too. I see this post has been opened for 2 years so I suspect this might not be a high priority! perhaps some more votes will help.
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Hi Chris,


I've added your vote. Thanks.


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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I will vote for this too.

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I would like to see this available in Python also

I'd like too have it too


+1 for JScript

Not critical though, as instead of keeping all objects declaration in one file, we could simply create new script corresponding to each object and keep them in just one folder.

Doing things properly => getting proper results => getting profit

Please add my vote to this suggestion for all scripting languages.

Having intellisense capability would be a big improvement.



I would like to have the intellisense/code completion working for declared objects in VBScript too.

Could you increase the rating of that suggestion on my behalf?

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Hi @bduncan

there is a request entered here please vote for it


Can we get a link to that appropriate suggestion in the DB?

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