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Dynamically used project variables

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Dynamically used project variables

Hi everyone,

I am using Delphi application ...

Is it posible to use project based variables, dynamically in scripts ???

I want to fill edits in the application with defined project scope variables depending on parametrization

Something like:

Aliases.ApplicationName.FormName.VCLObject(Edit) := Project.Variables.VarTest

( where Edit = EditName + Index ; and VarTest = VariableName + Index)


Thanks in advance!

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Yes, this is possible.

If I got your question right, then you should use eval() or evaluate() function whatever exists for the scripting language you are using in your test project.


var strEdit = 'Edit';

var strVarName = 'VarTest';

for (var i = 1; i <= 10; i++)


  Aliases.ApplicationName.FormName.VCLObject(evaluate(strEdit + i)) := evaluate('Project.Variables.VarTest' + i);



evaluate(strEdit + i) will resolve to 'Edit1', 'Edit2', ...

evaluate('Project.Variables.VarTest' + i) will resolve to the value of Project.Variables.VarTest1, Project.Variables.VarTest2, ...


Did I get your question right?


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Thank you very much @AlexKaras 

I tried evaluate before ... and it didn't work 🙂

obviously cause I missed quotation marks for 'Project.Variables.VarTest'


Thanks again

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