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Dynamically managing ReadyAPI Environment from TestComplete


Dynamically managing ReadyAPI Environment from TestComplete



I'm creating a Keyword test that calls a ReadyAPI test.

ReadyAPI manages my endpoints which are different per environment e.g. Staging, Demo, Test


My Testcomplete project also manages environments via a spreadsheet.

The issue is I can't find a way to configure my environment for both apps in one unified place.


When I add a ReadyAPI test to my TestComplete project, I see a dropdown where I can manually set the environment I want them to run against. Or I can specify command-line arguments... but these seem to be static data that can't be parameterized.


Does anyone have any ideas how I would do this?


TLDR: How do you control the environment TestComplete is using and the Environment SoapUI is using in one unified place?


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I don't think there is a way to change those at run time. You could setup multiple ReadyAPI project items inside of Test Complete and use code to determine which one to run based on environemt, at least that's how I would approach it. 


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Thanks cunderw,


That's disappointing news... Your suggestion will work but I fear I'll have a great deal of essentially duplicate ReadyAPI items as I will have to create 2-3 items per TestCase...


I will submit a feature request but will try this in the meantime.

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ReadyAPI integration with TestComplete, as I understand it, is simply to use TestComplete as the vehicle by which the test are executed.  Anything that needs to be manipulated within the ReadyAPI test has to be done within the ReadyAPI tool itself and the configurations found there.


That's the current design at least.  A feature request is the way to go if anything other than that is desired.

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