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Driver Script with Python

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Driver Script with Python

Hi All,


  • Am new to Test-Complete and I like to develop a driver script just like the driver script which normally use in UFT.
  • Excel having the Test Cases and Status of Execution Either Pass or Failed for each test case .
  • At the end of execution creating the HTML reports.


So can you please suggest or give an examples with using python and is there any builtin functions of test-complete which will help in building the Driver script using python.


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You can create the driver class and implement there any required functionality:



class Driver:
      def __init__(self):
          # Implement all preconditions here. E.g. setup test environment.
      def __del__(self):
          # Implement all post-conditions here. E.g. stopping services.
      def testing(self, testSuite):
          # Drive your tests here         

def generate_report(self):
# ...


And then run it: 



testSuite = ["Test_1", "Test_2", "Test_3"]

def main(): driver = Driver() driver.testing(testSuite)



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Now can I write the class Driver in one script1[TestComplete] and other New script2 having the test suit and the main.

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