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Drag and Drop action in windows based application

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Drag and Drop action in windows based application

Hello All,


Good Day!


I'm very new to Test Complete for Desktop Automation. I prepared a script using Recorder. And, I need to record Drag and Drop as well. But, recorder isn't recording that action. 


Hence, I couldn't able to perform this action. Could someone please help me out to automate this? Appreciate your help here.

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Hi @SAtishqatrainer 

Drag drop action is not recorded for me as well, but we can modify the code as below,

Aliases.AppService.HwndSource_MainWindow.Drag(50, 90, 100, 0)


  • The Drag action works in the following manner:

    • Moves the mouse cursor to the point specified by the ClientX and ClientY parameters.

    • “Presses” the left mouse button.

    • “Holds” the button down and moves the cursor to the distance specified by the toX and toY parameters.

    • “Releases” the left mouse button. 


Hi @naveens33_ 


Did you see that you and I posted the same answer?  lol


It does help to scan the other posts to see what has already been suggested before you reply.

Hi @Marsha_R ,

Yes I have seen your post.


But did you see properly what I have posted ? lol


I have not posted the answer by just reading the documentation. And I have not reply to all the question just posting what's already there in the documentation. Rather I also faced the same issue and tried myself in my project and posted my experience. Not just the posting what's already there in the documentation. Because, If I just google it like "Drag and Drop action in windows based application" I directly redirect to the following link

then why should anyone come to community site. 

@SAtishqatrainer Did you get your solution?


@naveens33_ Glad to see that the TestComplete documentation is helping you too!   

I tried to do this. But, it didn't workout. Do you have a minute to connect quiclky and show you the behavior? 



@SAtishqatrainer Sorry, I'm not able to do that but you can contact Support directly at this link

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