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Does better debugging make JScript a better choice of scripting language than JavaScript?


Does better debugging make JScript a better choice of scripting language than JavaScript?

I'm fairly new to TestComplete, and have been creating a number of test scripts using JavaScript (which seems to be the default language when creating a project).  I am finding it a bit annoying at times that the debugging it a bit limited for JavaScript:  e.g.breakpoints can be set and work fine, but I can't do anything as simple as 'Set Next Statement'.  Is there anyway of getting the debugging to be a bit more flexible, or would it  be worth maybe switching to JScript as the scripting language? 

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Honestly, I wouldn't switch to JScript.  While I would love to see "Set Next Statement" and other such things work in JavaScript, the tradeoff is worth it. Classes, default parameter values, and so many other things make using JavaScript so much better.


IIRC, there's some product roadmap/feature requests to improve the debugging in JavaScript so it will come some day.  Personally, I'd stick with JavaScript as JScript is no longer being developed/enhanced by Microsoft while JavaScript is still being used and improved on heavily.

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I did the opposite and went from Jscript to JavaScript.


The V8 engine behind Javascript is cutting edge. It's probably the best engine in TestComplete imo.


Not to mention it supports es6. 

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