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Does TestComplete have a way to verify against coding standards?

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Does TestComplete have a way to verify against coding standards?

I'm helping a group that uses TestComplete and developed in Python.  One of the issues I am seeing is that there is little to no consistancy across the developers.  I was wondering if TestComplete has any built-in mechanism to enable validation to a coding standard (i.e. PEP8) either internally or externally.  


For example PyCharm will highlight lines that do not conform to the PEP8 standard and I can also run things like pylint to performs checks on the code as well.


I'm new to TestComplete but has downloaded that latest trial copy and have not seen anything yet so I doubt it has this capability but I would like a conformation to confirm my suspicion.  

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Not built in, no.  However, you can probably open the Script files that are generated in TestComplete in any external tool you want and run coding standard comparisons to it.

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Extensions available

We've run TestComplete JScript files through Eclipse to do some things, and through Notepad++ in order to run JSLint/JSHint, but we've not been able to do it from within the TestComplete environment.  You might be able to write an extension that has a UI that would allow you to run a code analyzer, though.

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