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Documentation Search broken


Documentation Search broken

The search of the website of the documentation seems to be currently broken.


Search for anything returns zero doc results. Search for something common like "click" will give you zero results.  Tested in Chrome and Edge. Nothing.


Go here:

Search "click"

Get nothing.


On a separate and previously reported issue, docs are still out of date and don't have any info on 15.50 update released last week at some point I believe. (This lag seems to be a common occurrence recently with updates).


Is there way to locally access the docs anymore?


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Search looks ok to me in Chrome



I see version 15.49 updates from March 30.  If you don't see these three examples, I suggest trying it in a private browser. If you see them there, then you have a cookie problem.











Search seems to be fixed now. Thanks.


As for the other issue I suggest re-reading my post. I am looking for the latest update information not the information from an older version. is the latest version.

I suggest you reread my post. What I found was 15.49 and the documentation was last modified on March 30.


You are always welcome to politely discuss release date issues directly with Support at this link:


Documentation search is broken again. I have seen this multiple times in the last few weeks.  


Is there an option to view local docs instead of the online one since it seems to be frequently broken. Tested in current builds of Edge and Chrome.


The browser console reports  a 404. Here is what it being displayed currently. net::ERR_ABORTED 404

What are you searching for?


I have not found a search that works, but an example is just searching for "Find" returns zero results.


See attached image

I'm not sure what could be causing that issue for you. Maybe something in your firewall settings?








Is there an option to view local docs

Installer for offline documentation can be found here:

The bad news is that offline documentation seems to be out of date too often. 😞 (For example, 'What's New' topic in offline doc for version 15.49 talked about changes introduced for version 15.42 or like that.)

However, there is a chance that doc for 15.50 or 15.51 is up to date...


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