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Disabling (x, y) co-ordinates


Disabling (x, y) co-ordinates

Is there any possibility in Test Complete to record a test without taking (x, y) co-ordinates for the object in a page? Please provide complete details of the this concept.

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As @baxatob's link suggests, the relative X,Y coordinates you're getting in your recording are probably due to the component you're trying to work with not being recognized by TestComplete as one of the supported components.  This does not mean you are not able to work with it, just means you may need to do some additional work.


As it is, "click" methods, even for recognized application components always have the X,Y co-ordinates as parameters for the method.  They are, technically, optional parameters that, if you leave them blank, will click in the center of the indicated object. 


In short... the answer to your question is "no".


HOWEVER, if you give us more information, we might be able to help. 


1) What kind of application are you testing? Desktop, Web, or Mobile?

2) What technology is used for developing the application? Java, Delphi, C++, VB? etc...

3) What kind of component are you trying to interact with?

4) What component set is that component from? DevExpress? JavaFX? etc...


This is just a start but if we can get that information, we might be able to help you work with it.

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