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Desktop application Launch

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Desktop application Launch

. Im trying to automate a desktop application(MS Word). So i have this test document which is a doc file. My questioon is is it possible to include the test document in the project instead of going to the folder where i have saved the document. Because if i send this script to someone else, the location of the document in their device might be different. 



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What we do is always put documents in a folder with the same name inside the project folder, say \Data or \Documents


You can find the project folder this way no matter where it is


Then as the example shows, you can build the path to the document without knowing exactly where it is on someone's machine.

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1. you can use Variables also and define the local value based on the system but this needs to be done all the time, useful if the size of the file is too big.
2. you can add in the Project folder and use the path as Marsha mentioned.
3. You can also use Stores- Files in this you can use it for verification also and will be automatically in sync with the Version Control if used any.

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