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DelphiScript runtime error. Unspecified error - TestExceute 12

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DelphiScript runtime error. Unspecified error - TestExceute 12



I have a issue after run executing tests in TestExecute, v12.

The log shows a Unspecified error in a sql method, but the same test running in TestComplete dont show any errors.

Thanks anyway.





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As the error message says, it's something in LibDB that is generating the error.  Since we don't have the code for LibDB, we really can't answer the specifics based upon the code.


Here's my theory, though:


TC and TE are running on different machines with, potentially, different users.  Connecting to SQL is being done via integrated security.  So, either


1) The machine that TE is running on is not on the same subnet or unable to access the SQL server or

2) The user that is logged in to the TE environmnet does not have rights/access to run SQL queries or connect to the SQL server.


In short...  diagnose your SQL connectivity on the TE environment, checking user access, machine access, firewalls, etc.

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Thanks for help.

The problem was default ODBC.

I  installed ODAC 12c , then the problem was solved.

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