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Delphi to Java

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Delphi to Java

Hi all


My system currently is fully written in Delphi and the company has plans to move it to Java. I was wondering if that'll have any impact on the current automation script ?

Majority of the script is designed using keyword driven test and there is minimum to no coding done. So I think Delphi to Java shouldn't make any difference unless object names/identification are changed too. I would like to have some expert opinion here as I may be wrong.




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You are correct, TECHNICALLY, you won't need to change any of your actual test executions, whether it is written in KWT or script code, so long as you are identifying everything using Aliases and NameMapping. 


BUT... you will have to adjust that NameMapping... potentially a LOT because objects are recognized and identified differently for the two different language platforms.  You'll need to change a LOT of the object properties that you use for identifying objects, potentially even changing the hierarchies of the Mapped Objects.  HOWEVER... so long as you keep the same Aliases in names and hierarchy, you shouldn't have a problem.  Be prepared for a LOT of work, however.

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