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Data driven loop - Not executing with 2nd row


Data driven loop - Not executing with 2nd row

I created a test complete variable using generate data wizard. created 2 row and 2 column with username and password.

Now I am using my script and using 'make data loop' functionality to run my test twice with different user. It is only running for one user that is first user, twice instaed if looping twice with different user.


Can some one please help what is the issue here.

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Can you share your code?  It's hard to debug what's going on if we can't see how you are implementing it.  If it's not code but a keyword test, a screenshot of the relevant steps would be useful.


Generally speaking, for "for" loops, this kind of problem usually has to deal with upper and lower bounds being set incorrectly.  But I don't know what you have set so I don't know what to tell you to change.

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Can you provide us with your test?

Does or help?


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Thanks Robert. I found the issue. Actually I was not passing correct parameter with the user name and password field that why it was not picking the value from table. now it is working fine . Thanks for your time.

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