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DDT plug-in may not be properly installed. How to re-install?

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DDT plug-in may not be properly installed. How to re-install?


Few of tests I responsible for uses DDT driver. Unfortunately, when I try to execute them TC reports  error:

"Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed."

Meanwhile Data-Driven Testing (ver 4.0) is present at Install Extension list and if I uncheck it - system stops to recognize DDT object.

So the question is - how to re-install that plug-in?

(TC 8.70, XPx86 sp3, tcDDTPlugin.pls file exists in proper folder)

Any other ideas how to make it work?

Thanks in advance,

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This may not be a problem with the plug in but a problem with what you're attempting to do.  Could you post the code that is generating the error?

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Hi Alexey,

To access data in files, the DDT driver uses the corresponding data provider installed in the system. For example, CSV and Excel .xls files are accessed using Microsoft Jet; Excel .xlsx files - using the ACE driver; databases - using the database provider specified in the connection string.

The issue appears to be with the data provider. Try to reinstall it and see whether this helps.

Helen Kosova
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Hi Alexey

I created the DDT test in TC 8 where it worked fine but when I try to run the test iun TC9 I get :


"JScript runtime error.


Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed"

I have checked installed extensions and Data Driven Testing Version: 4.0 is present I have also checked the file system and the file is present (tcDDTPlugin.pls)

Do you have any help?





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Hi Sean,


The ACE driver or Microsoft Jet may be corrupted on the computer. Try updating them (see Helen's post above for details).


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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