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DDT Excel Driver does not read past 256 rows

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DDT Excel Driver does not read past 256 rows

I am using the DDT excel driver and I noticed when I have a lot of options to check ( in my case, 815 checkboxes ) After a certain point ( I think 256 columns ) I get the Cannot find ordinal error. if I move the columns over to the left it reads just fine, so there seems to be a limitation. I a using excel 2007, I saved files as both xls and xlsx to no avail.

So my question is it there a limitation? Is there a work around ( I would like to have a thousand columns or so)?

Should I switch to a SQL database ( I assume that would be a lot of work, to rethink my flow, as I expect to walk though a excel sheet to do one test after another, not queries)

Other options ? multiple sheets in the same excel book? Can I stay on the same row and move from sheet to sheet to keep it all in line ( my test definitions are one row and around 900 cells across)

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Mark,

256 columns by 65,536 rows is an internal Excel limit.
  /Alex [Community Hero]
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