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DDT CSV : missing commas from a decimal value.

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DDT CSV : missing commas from a decimal value.

Hi all,


For my DDT with testcomplete, I use CSV Format Parameters page to specify the format parameters of my CSV file that will be used as a data storage. I use custom parameters instead of system settings and i select only semicolon option for the delimiter.

When i loaded my CSV file to Testcomplete, as part of data driven test, the comma in decimal value disappears in the field. For example 1,8 becomes 18.

How do I retain the format of the field to not remove the commas from my CSV file? This CSV file is made thanks to Excel but unfortunately i can't use Excel with testcomplete because it is not installed.


Thanks for your help.


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From these articles it looks like you should be able to use a schema.ini file for the layout of your .csv file.  Set the DecimalSymbol field to use comma as the separator.

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