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Cross references allowing

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Cross references allowing


I got




    Syntax error(s).

    The units <u1> and <u2> refer to each other.

    Cross references are not allowed in JScript units.

I think this is wrong feature. I need cross references. I think you should allow this functionality for users risks.

What you think?


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RE: Cross references allowing

Hi Viktor,

AFAIK, this is not a limitation of TestComplete, but limitation of OS JScript engine which is used by TC (MSDN may shed more light on this)...
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RE: Cross references allowing

Hello Viktor,

Allowing cross-references may lead to significant troubles for users who do this by mistake (script errors that are difficult to diagnose, performance penalties, high memory consumption, etc.). We think that it is not worth while.

At that, many programming languages do not allow cross-references, and this restriction does not impose any significant constraints on the available functionality.

Any situation where cross-references are needed can be resolved without using them.

Customer Care Manager
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