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Creating a Script Unit Template

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Creating a Script Unit Template

Currently, when a new Script unit is added a blank page is displayed. Since we have a style/formatting guide that includes commented blocks for script headers and function descriptions (see below example), is there a way to create a Script unit template that includes these by default everytime a new Script is added?


Example 1 - Script Header


Information about script, inclusions, constants

etc entered here.


Example 2 - Function Header


Brief info on function, param, etc entered here



Thanks in advance.

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No but you have several ways of speeding the things :

  • Ctrl + J in editor to call Code templates and thus you can put quickly in a newly created your own template
  • Build a command line project builder. I've made a standard jscript, ran in command  prompt without the need of TestComplete, which create all the files i need by answering some questions to make it more useful (is it web project ? desktop project ? in closure mode ? only a standalone unit ? ..)

But yes it would be great to have it directly in TestComplete (an entry in Options module where you can define, according the langage used, your project script template and an entry in New project or Add new file where you check the Use template option)

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I've used the CTRL-J method a LOT in the past, creating the necessary default headers, etc., in a file.  IT doesn't automatically execute when you create a unit but it's a quick keystroke to do so.  

Alternatively, you could create a default file that you then use Add -> Existing item to add to your project and then, "Save As..." to save it as a new file name, preserving the original file.  

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