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Copy Project to home computer

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Copy Project to home computer

How can I clone a Project from my work computer to my home computer? 


We use Clone Project all the time for cloning within our work network. But, this won't work for my home computer since they are not connected. Due to COVID, I am needing to work from home. I want to install TestComplete on my home PC and use a copy of our normal Project. I mainly plan to work on NameMapping so after I have made namemap updates I will then need to copy those back to the original Project on our work network.


How can I do this? I imagine others have had to deal with this in the current environment. 




you would clone the projects how you clone anything else on your computer... ctrl v ctrl c or through using SCM

then once you have done all your work on the namemaping repo, you would merge the tcnm files or just commit and push the changes to the proper branch

Justin Kim
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