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Convert a string to an Object.

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Convert a string to an Object.

Hi, I am trying to get an object from an Excel sheet; it will return a string value. Now, I want to convert it into an Object to use in my script. Is there any way to do so?

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Hello Perton, You can take a look at this blogpost by smartbear: Working with Microsoft Excel Files | TestComplete Documentation (

Maybe assign that cell value to a variable? to use it further in your tests.


also another Link that I found usefull when creating tests and using excel is: (2) TestComplete: Write data into Excel (step by step) | LinkedIn

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Ensure you understand what an Object is. 


If you are calling the following property e.g. Cell(A1).Value, it will usually return the type and the value of that particular cell. Whereas, calling the method e.g. Cell(A1) will return the the cell object.


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