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Comparing Excel files TestComplete, "objectExcel is not defines"

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Comparing Excel files TestComplete, "objectExcel is not defines"


It has been a while since I needed help,

but recently on one of my script created with TestComplete and the "excelcompare" script doesn't work,


when I run the script an error window pops up with the message "ReferenceError: objectExcel is not defined"


since I'm not able to find any documents about how to use those script (all links in other topics are dead) I'm asking for help, does anyone has a clue on how to fix this problem?


Thanks in advance

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@sonya_m   This looks like the script in question but the script is no longer available for download.  Has it been deprecated?

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Thank you Marsha for giving me a mention here.

I asked the team, the article is deprecated indeed - we are moving the KB at the moment.

As an alternative to the script, the Excel Checkpoint feature is recommended:

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