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Comparing Examples parameters with bdd normal parameters

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Comparing Examples parameters with bdd normal parameters

Hi folks,


I have something like this in my bdd scenario and trying to compare the Examples parameter 'i' with a scenario parameter 'rows' in the if condition.

The script seems to compare but as soon as the comparison reaches the value 2, the script jumps to i = 10. My idea is that there is some data type difference between these parameters or row which has a value 12 when reaches i = 2, it fails as the first digit 1 in 12 is only being compared not the whole 12.


Given some statement
 When I enter "<name>" , "<i>" with "12"
  | name |  i   |
  | Joe1 | 1   |

  | abc   |   2  |

  | xyz| 3  |







In my script function (name,i,row)

{.... code

if(i<row) {

do something...



Can anyone help me with this please.

Thank you.

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Issue has been resolved my removing " " from 12 in the scenario as it now a int type not string and can be compared with j in Examples.

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