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Click on a specific radio button in a table

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Click on a specific radio button in a table


I've a dynamic  table tha have many radiobuttons and i need to click on a specific item. is there a way to click on a item by index number.

below script clicks the last item from from the list, not sure how do i click on specific item, 


Set updateAddWindow=mypage.panelPnlupdate
If updateAddWindow.Exists And updateAddWindow.Visible=True Then
Log.Message "Address Update Window Found"
Set objRadBtns=updateAddWindow.FindChild("ObjectType","RadioButton",20)
If UBound(objRadBtn)>=0 Then
    For i =0 To LBound(objRadBtn)
       Set RadBtn=objRadBtn(i)
End If

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ACtually, ALL properties would be more useful than just the Extended properties.  When searching for and identifying an object, there could be other properties of the object that can be used.  FindChild and NameMapping don't only have to be restricted to the Extended Properties.


@AlexKaras has a good suggestion as well.  For some of our work, we use that approach, find a desired row by some other text and then target the Cell contents in that row.

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