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Class Object Properties

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Class Object Properties

Hi there

I have created a few class objects in a separate unit, lets call this unit ClassObjects

Now in another unit, lets call this unit TestCase I am trying to create an instance of this class object however i can not get any code insight into what properties are available for this object? some of my generic objects have 20+ properties for issuing insurance, and dependant on what properties are set will define what gets issued. How do i get code insight into these properties?

Small example of what i am doing below

Unit -> ClassObjects

function TravellerDetails()






Unit -> TestCase

function MyTest()


    var travDetails = new TravellerDetails();

    // at this point i can not get code insight into the properties??

    // typing -> travDetails. 

    // does not give my the properties of the object?

    travDetails = getDetails();

    policy = IssuePolicy(travDetails);


where am i going wrong?

Thanks for your help,



Currently, there's no way to see members of JScript classes in the code completion window. Your request has increased the appropriate suggestion's rating in our DB.

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