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Check entity from drop down box

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Check entity from drop down box

Using array,how to check each entity from drop down list

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With the few details you gave us, we can only guess at the solution and that's not good for anyone


What sort of app are you testing?

What is the drop down for?  Do you really need that?

Is your drop down box in the name mapping?

Are you trying to choose something from the drop down to use in your test or are validating the contents?


The more details you can give us, the better the answer we can give you.

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I am testing web app and I have select entity box .When I click select entity box ,it is spread and shows five check box entity.My test is if I check first entity it is show select entity box, then I have to click search button to search that entity and verify text that entity showing and I have to do same way other 4 of them.I am not doing keyword testing.I am using findchild method to find objects property and value.I try to do using array and looping ,each checkbox ckecked and do it function.then goes to other and functionality are same for all it can reduce my object library and functional library.
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