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Challenges in executing Test Cases

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Challenges in executing Test Cases

Challenges 1:
Challenges: Unable to run the Existing the Test case and getting the error ' Sorry, something went wrong' Running the existing testcases after few days, the MaCaW app throwing Sorry something went wrong issues
Unable to run the already executed test cases sucessfully and getting error "Object not found" in Test log
Challenges 3a:
Challenges in selection on specific record in GRID
Challenges 3b:
Challenge: unable to locate the new data added & Edited record
Challenges 3c:
Challenge: unable to locate the Edited record/added record as the data is dynamic and keeps changing

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Is this a desktop or web application? What version of TestComplete are you using?

Web Application. We are using Test Complete version x64

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There's a new version of TestComplete. 


Is the Object Spy tool able to identify the controls in your web application?

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