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Can't find a drop-down item

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Can't find a drop-down item


We just use TC6 to record a script for a drop-down control. We need to click the drop-down button first, and then click one of an item in the drop-down menu. But if we play this script directly, we found we can't find the object. Its full name is '... .WPFObject("HwndSource: PopupRoot", "", 2).WPFObject("PopupRoot", "", 1)...' .Actually, if we edit it to '... . WPFObject("HwndSource: PopupRoot","").WPFObject("PopupRoot","",1)...', just edit its father's name, the object can be found. So I just want to know, is it necessary that we have to do some edit for this kind of control after recording? Or it's a bug of TC? Thank you so much for your help.



It looks like there was another window with the same class when you recorded your script. That's why, TC used an index. This is not a problem in TC, this is related to your application's behavior when you were recording your test.

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<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />
<meta content="Word.Document" name="ProgId" />
<meta content="Microsoft Word 12" name="Generator" />
<meta content="Microsoft Word 12" name="Originator" />

Hi Jared,

Thank you so much for your reminding. I just found a small
tooltip will pop up at the same time, which might be the reason why I got that unexpected object name. Many thanks for your help.

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