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Can Smartbear product support BDD for entire life cycle? Keywords: TestComplete, Python3.4, BDD

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Can Smartbear product support BDD for entire life cycle? Keywords: TestComplete, Python3.4, BDD

Hello everyone,


Our team is investigating BDD and how Smartbear product can support BDD. I have read the two articles 

1. Cucumber+IntelliJ+TestComplete -- 

2. Lettuce + TestComplete  --


For the #1, it seems like there is NO way to kick off IntelliJ project through QAComplete, since there is no run agent for IntelliJ in QAComplete.


For the #2, TestComplete is using Python3.4 however Lettuce doesn't support Python3.4.


So do I miss anything or misunderstand any? 


Is there a way that Smartbear product can support BDD for entire life cycle? Any way to kick off IntelliJ project in QAComplete or any Python3.4 library is working well in TestComplete for implementing BDD?


Thank you in advance.


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I might miss something in your question... but I don't see the case for item #2.

Refer to the "Configuring the Environment" section of the mentioned Lettuce + TestComplete article(😞

-- Python 2.7 must be installed for Lettuce;

-- SmartBear provides a helper library that makes it possible to Start TestComplete from within Lettuce and execute some test script;

-- Test script in TestComplete can, actually, be written using any language supported by TestComplete. In case you will use Python for your TestComplete tests, then TestComplete will use the version of Python installed by its installer (version 3.4 as of now).


Does this help?

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Hi everyone!


I'm happy to announce that we've implemented BDD support in TestComplete v14. There are two ways you can get started - 

1. Within TestComplete itself:

2. With our continous testing platform:


Hope this helps you accelerate your BDD efforts.



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