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Can I test a web page using testcomplete and Docker

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Can I test a web page using testcomplete and Docker


I was wondering if it is possible to test web pages using Docker and testcomplete? I know we can do it with a floating license and virtual machine. Therefore, I am guessing it also works. I have seen the only post about testing on a DB & Docker but I don’t want to test the same!

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I've been thinking about the same thing for our CI pipeline. I don't think dockerized windows base containers support RDT connection; no presentation layer components available. I was thinking about TestExecute instead.


Do folks know the underlying runtime platforms requirements for TestExcute? Can TestExecute support headless browser?


Lots to learn and not enought time,



Hi Fred,


Can TestExecute support headless browser?

No, TestExecute, like TestComplete, does not support headless browsers. TestExecute and TestComplete essentially mimic human and how it works with the application (browser) and thus they require GUI to drive applications with graphical user interface.


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