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Can I enable and disable UIAObject in script?

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Can I enable and disable UIAObject in script?

I have this question because when I use TestComplete 10.0.531.7 to capture data in PDF file, the data can't be captured unless I opened PDF file first then launch TestComplete. But this case doesn't work for me because I have to use script to open the PDF file. That meaning I should launch TestComplete first. In this way, TestComplete can't parse UIAObject(AVPageView).
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No body have experience on it!! In my case, a node Client(0) isn't visible unless I launch TestComplete after I opened PDF in IE browser. Is anybody can tell me how can I get Client(0) visible when I use routine to open the PDF in IE browser by TestComplete? Details please refer to attached screenshot.
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Hi Leon,


There is no way to modify this option from script.

Do I get it right that TestComplete manages to recognize objects inside the opened file only if the PDF reader is launched before TestComplete?

What PDF reader are you using? Do you know about alternative ways to read data from PDF listed in this FAQ entry?

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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