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C#Script language option missing

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C#Script language option missing

 Hi all,


I've been using TestComplete 12 for some months now and created a sizeable project using C#Script as the chosen language. I have since updated to version 14 and continued to develop the project just fine.


Today I came to do a demo for some colleagues and on starting a brand new project I notice that the C# and C++ script options are no longer showing. I fired up version 12 and they are also now missing from there.


I've searched the forum but cannot find a simple answer to this, any ideas?






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They are still there... in both versions.




It depends, somewhat, on what path you use for creating a new project.  If you go to Fille -> New Project, you won't see these.  If you create a new PRoject Suite and then right click on the suite and select "Add new item" you'll see these ooptions.

Technically speaking, under the covers, C#Script and C++Script are just JScript.  You can use JScript and still use the syntax for those other two... they are interchangeable for TestComplete.  

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Awesome thanks, it doesn't make sense to me that it seems to appear at one level and not another, but I'm not too concerned as knowing that the syntax is interchangeable I think I prefer the look of Javascript versus C#Script anyway, all the [""] stuff in the C#Script syntax to me is ugly.


Many thanks for your help!


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