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Big SQL queries and passing Variables in the SQL queries

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Big SQL queries and passing Variables in the SQL queries

Hello, I'm trying to execute some big SQL queries in TestComplete to fetch the data for the scripts. I'm able to execute small and simple queries, but when it comes to execute a query which has more than 1 lines, I see errors. The error is never so informative to help me fix the problem. does anyone know how to overcome this issue?

here's a snapshot of the query. I understand that there are quite a few special characters in the Query, but how to deal with this situation?


I'm using JAVASCRIPT for creating the test scripts.



Also, I'm trying to parameterize the SQL using a variable, but I've not had any success so far. any pointers for that would help too.


Thank you


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if one line works but not two lines....I guess the problem is in concatenating .

The query sending to  SQL should a single string. 


to concatenate string in java script you can use + sign for more read this 


first create string like....

str1 = "select distinnct...." ;
str1 = str1+"where ..blah blah" ;
str1 = str1+"AND..blah blah" ;
str1 = str1+"order by ..blah blah" ;

and then send to your object

var set conn.Execute(str1)

 special characters doesn't matter  as far as they are in side of string 

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I would also add that, since you're using JavaScript, any instance of single quotes (') should be replaced with \'.  This will ensure that the actual character is sent.

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Thank you, NisHera


I got it working. I didn't have to split it did it in a similar fashion but without creating the string variable.


here's the working code: 




Thank you



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