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Basic authentication dialog appear again even after entering the correct username and password.

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Basic authentication dialog appear again even after entering the correct username and password.

We are running several tests using Batch file and task scheduler on our VM machines where TestExecute is installed. 

All out Application require basic authentication .


I am seeing on one of the test -basic authentication dialog appear again even after entering the correct username and password. This do not happen everytime.


Any idea why it happens ?







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We need more clues here.


Is it always happening on the same test?

Is it always on the same VM or will that test fail on any VM?

Is it always with one username/password or for any valid combo?

Does this happen if the test is not running on a VM?



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1. Not all the time. It happens sometimes.

2. one thing is sure tests fail on that machine. I need to check on other VM machine whether it happen with other tests running on other VM machine.

3. only with one username/password . There is one more thing - on that VM whenever basic authentication dialog appears we saw the username and password is prefilled - not sure why those text boxes for username /password is not empty.

4. Since this issue is not reproducible . So cannot say whether it happens when running on physical machine. I am using my physical machine to develop the Testcomplete tests and ran but not able to reproduce .


Let me know if you need more information.



Having the username/password filled in automatically may be another clue.  What I would do at this point is install TestComplete on that particular VM and run the same test in Debug mode so you can step through it and watch what is happening instead of just seeing the end result.

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we are running our tests on that VM using TestExecute .Is there any other way we can figure out . 

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Actually, it sounds like at some point in time, someone "saved" the username/password in your browser so you may not get the dialog if the browser authenticates in the background.  Try deleting all saved passwords on that browser on that machine and try again.

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What @tristaanogre suggested may work.   If not, it really doesn't take very long to install TC on that machine.  It's a big help in troubleshooting if you can see the UI and the logs.  It's not a licensing issue either.  You can install TC anywhere.  The licenses just control how many people can use it at once.



When the script run , it launche the firefox brower and type the URL in browser.

authentication pop up dialog come which is expected . But i am confused why we the username and password in authentication dialog is already prefilled. however in the script we are passing the username and password to those username and password textfields.


Let me know if you need more information 

Go into Firefox where the failure is happening and delete any saved logins you find and then try the test again.



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This really could be it, thanks for the team effort Marsha, Robert!


@nisgupta did this work?

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