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Automating GUITesting project


Automating GUITesting project

Basically I can open the TestComplete project manually and run the tests.

Now we want to automate that process, so how do you do it? I want to automate the process of opening TestComplete after each build, run all the tests and send an email with the test results.

For this, following command is used-


"C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 11\Bin\TestComplete.exe" "D:\Test\GUITesting\GUITesting.pjs" /r /p:GUITestingAutomation /e


This is working fine. But I really do not know the process of automating?

Please suggest step by step procedure.

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here is an article on  how to send the results via email.


I think it would be best to implement the process of saving the results and sending them as an KeywordTest.


If you use a build-script or a build-server you could extend your build with your command-line call.

Here is an overview of the TestComplete Command Line


A build-Server would have several advantages like automated build  and test execution on commits or other events, email-notifications and the test execution would not have to run locally.





I do not have an idea for How can we generate build? I just checked how can we can the test project from command line and through batch file..  I need to know the further steps for complete automation.. Please suggest what steps needed to perform for generating build, commited to SVN and then use of CI Server(Jenkins).

I'm sorry i haven't used Jenkis yet.


But I think this is not the ideal place on how to automate a build.


Perhaps this can help you out.





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