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Attach report to Azure DevOps pipelines for every test case

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Attach report to Azure DevOps pipelines for every test case


I'm using TestComplete using Azure DevOps pipeline, and I want to attach a report for every case regardless if it passes or fails, or an image for a specific event.

By default, the file report gets attached when an error occurs. But I need some kind of proof that the data was entered on the system.



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Thanks hkim5!


@jlrosalesp Were you able to follow this approach?

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

Thanks @hkim5.


@sonya_mThat works, but I was looking to have it inside the test case, and I notice that if I have a error message on the test case even, if the test case doesn't hit that error, it attaches the mht file.



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Hi @jlrosalesp,


Our developers are going to make it possible to generate logs for passed tests in the next TestComplete version. In the meanwhile, you can apply a patch that adds this functionality to the current version (14.40). Please contact our support team by submitting a case here: We will send you the patch along with the installation instructions.


Julia Bernikova
SmartBear Customer Care Manager - TestComplete

Hi @JuliaBernikova ,


I have a similar requirement to @jlrosalesp :  If I want to  get the patch you mentioned.  Could you let me know what I should ask the support team for:  Alternatively, as my need isn't that urgent, would the next version of TestComplete will be out quite soon, in which case I could simply wait for the next version.


Thanks in advance,



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Hi @DanH,


You can just request a patch that allows uploading successful logs to Azure DevOps, our team will find it by this description.


The next TestComplete release isn't probably going to happen in a few months - the patch can be helpful until then.


Julia Bernikova
SmartBear Customer Care Manager - TestComplete

That's great.



Thanks @JuliaBernikova

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