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Anyway to rerun failed test automatically?

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Anyway to rerun failed test automatically?


I have read some post here and realized that TC doesn't have any build in function to rerun failed test automatically. I found this topic (Rerun Tests) mentioned that QAComplete has the feature to rerun failed tests, but it looks like manual rerun. I was wondering is there anyway, QAComplete can automatically rerun failed tests? Because we usually launch the tests and keep it running overnight, but if the tests finished in the middle of the night with failures, it will just seat there and wait for me to launch the next morning. So I was looking for QAComplete or any other way to automatically rerun the failed tests after the execution is done. Does anyone know anyway to achieve this?


Thanks in advance!


"Why re-run the failed tests right away? They failed for a reason. Either the automation was created incorrectly and they failed due to coding errors.  Or, they failed because a bug was found and needs to be corrected by the developers.  Either way, re-running a failed test automatically will rarely, if ever, do any real good."


I would love this ability too. I disagree with both the above and the assumption of a timing issue. Many times I have seen Windows or the AUT barf in ways that only occur under test runs.

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