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Any samples to use sikuli or any other image based tool along with TestComplete

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Any samples to use sikuli or any other image based tool along with TestComplete

Hi All, Trying to automate a legacy desktop application. Few tabs are identified as single window and unable to retrieve the children objects. Planning to use image based tool like Sikuli. Searched on the community forum and didn't get feasible answer. Anybody tried and can share code snippet..? Thanks, Palani
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Rather than using some other tool, you could perhaps leverage using TextRecognition or possibly MSAA.  It may also be possible to use Object Mapping to map objects to ones that are supported.


There is no current, as far as I am aware, direct integration of TestComplete with Sikuli.  Basically you'd be having one tool drive another tool which, while feasible, doesn't make much sense.  I think you'd be better of, if you have TestComplete, to use one of the options I've described above.  I've actually managed, using TextRecognition, to automate a "green screen" terminal using TestComplete so you should be able to do any Windows based GUI through it. 🙂

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