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Ann: TestComplete 12.2 is Available

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Ann: TestComplete 12.2 is Available

Hello Testers,


We have just released the new TestComplete version. Be the first to check it out! Sign in to your SmartBear account to download the new version or request the trial.


With this release, you now have access to TestComplete's new Environment Manager, an on-demand cloud test lab powered by CrossBrowserTesting. You'll now have access to more than 500 real test environments, without setup or configuration, from right inside TestComplete.

Some of the key features include:

  • Instant Access to Real Browsers in the Cloud: Run tests in parallel across environments representing 500 combinations of browsers, operating systems, and resolutions on real devices in the cloud.
  • Speed up Your Testing Cycles: Scale your tests across multiple environments to speed up your testing efforts. Get detailed metrics to ensure proper test coverage across operating systems, browser versions, and resolution configurations.
  • Access to Real Machines for In-depth Debugging: Run remote tests on live desktop browsers to drill down into problem areas and help you debug issues in greater detail. 
  • Quickly Identify Issues: Pinpoint problem areas and check for cross-browser compatibility using videos, logs, and screen shots. 
  • Perform Visual Validation: Switch to the CrossBrowserTesting platform to capture screen shots to diagnose responsive web issues across more than 1,500 mobile and desktop browsers. 

Also, I recommend that you register to today webinars where our Team will demonstrate new features.


Join the Webinar: New TestComplete Environment Manager


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Woot!  Can't wait to try it out!

Robert Martin
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Extensions available

Please try it and let us know your feedback!


Thank you!





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i'm having intermittent hangs with QuerySelector causing Unable to find the object contains(null).  messages. It then gets stuck in some internal loop, reports this error several times and then continues with the test.  Ive reported the problem to support and am reverting back to 12.1


Thank you so much for trying 12.2.


I'm sorry to hear about this issue. Did you have a chance to open a support case? It would be great if we could trouble shoot this issue for you and get this resolved so that you can get to use the new version.


Please let me know how you would like us to proceed.




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HI Masha,  yes i have a support case 00213566. I will leave one machine with 12.2 installed so we can test out any suggestions from your team.



Thank you very much!



Occasional Contributor

The support team were very helpful, acknowledged and logged the issue and provided a suitable workaround.


thanks guys

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